A place with heart

We have many practical and emotional support programs to empower and encourage people to live a better life.

A place to stay... right now

We help people who are homeless or in housing crisis by entering them into a supported short-term housing program.

A place with solid foundations

Our Purpose and Vision keep us grounded in everything we do to help those most in need in our community.

Everyone deserves a place to call home

Even if you have a place to stay tonight, you could still be homeless or in housing crisis.

Homelessness means not having a home. Some people don't have a roof over their head and sleep rough at night. But much more homelessness is hidden. You could be homeless if you sleep on a friend's couch or in their spare room.

You could also be homeless if where you're living now is overcrowded, substandard, or there is a risk of violence or abuse.

Homelessness can happen to anyone anywhere and the causes are complex and varied. 

Here at Haven; Home, Safe our Vision is an to end homelessness, where everyone has a place to call home and the support they need to keep it.

We have a range of emergency, transitional and affordable long-term rental housing properties,  from Melbourne to Mildura, and deliver more than 20 different support programs to individuals and families. 

Haven; Home, Safe acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government.

Haven; Home, Safe is the trading name of Loddon Mallee Housing Services, Australia's only fully integrated homeless and affordable rental housing provider. We are not The Haven Foundation which specialises in providing housing and assistance for people with mental illness.